Abortion Information

abortion information consultation

An unexpected pregnancy can be a very emotional time in your life that can bring fear and confusion. If you are considering abortion, there is important information you need to know and have the right to know. You need to first confirm you are pregnant, confirm viability, and determine how far along you are.

Our abortion information consultation includes a pregnancy test, ultrasound exam and time to go over your results. You will not be able to schedule an abortion during this appointment. We do not offer abortion services or referrals. We will provide you with the personalized medical information you need about your pregnancy.

Abortion Pill

The abortion pill actually typically involves two drugs, mifepristone and misoprostol.  The mifepristone blocks the production of progesterone which is necessary for a continuing pregnancy. The misoprostol causes contractions to expel the pregnancy. 

Symptoms and side effects of the abortion pill can include: 

  • Cramping
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Heavy bleeding
  • Blood clots in uterus
  •  Infection
  •  Abdominal pain
  •  Nausea
  •  Fever or chills
  •  Incomplete abortion

If you have already taken the first medication for an abortion pill, the mifepristone, and you are having second thoughts about completing the abortion, there is such a thing as abortion pill reversal. Timing is everything when it comes to reversing the abortion pill, so reach out now. 

Before taking an at-home abortion pill, you need to confirm your pregnancy is not further along than 10 weeks. The only way to know with certainty is to get an ultrasound. Adria Womens Health offers ultrasound services free of charge.

Abortion Considerations

All medical procedures come with potential side effects. Abortion is no different. As you consider all your options, it is important to evaluate side effects that may potentially occur with an abortion, whether surgical or by pill. These include abdominal pain and cramping, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Abortion also carries the risk of significant complications such as bleeding, infection, and damage to organs.

There is evidence to suggest that abortion is linked to both your physical and mental health. For some women these emotions may be very strong and can appear within days or may not appear until after many years. This psychological response is best described as a form of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Risks of the Abortion Pill

In order to qualify for the abortion pill method, it’s important to ensure that your pregnancy is no further along than 10 weeks. The only way to know this for sure is to get an ultrasound.


Lack of Access to Treatment

Medical abortions are most commonly completed at home, meaning most women expel their pregnancy without medical supervision. While the abortion pill seems fairly straightforward, it’s still a serious medical procedure and can lead to serious health complications.



The abortion pill will cause some bleeding and cramping as it terminates the pregnancy. In addition to this normal bleeding, hemorrhaging and excessive bleeding may occur. While hemorrhaging related to the abortion pill is relatively rare, the result of this complication is harmful to your health.


Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

The abortion pill can lead to an increased risk of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) if taken while infected with Chlamydia, a sexually transmitted infection. Symptoms and side effects of PID can include future infertility, abscesses, and chronic pain.


Mental and Physical Health Complications

Like any medical procedure, abortions can pose a risk to your physical and emotional health. It’s important to learn all the facts before choosing an abortion procedure. Many women experience new or triggered mental health issues following their abortions. These conditions can include anxiety, depression, or trauma-related symptoms.

If you are considering an abortion, it’s important to address the potential risks. At Adria Women’s Health, you will find a safe environment to share your concerns and talk through these risks. Please note that we do not offer or refer for abortions. However, we are committed to offering accurate information about abortion procedures and risks. Make your confidential appointment today to discuss your options.

Abortion Pill Reversal

Can the abortion pill be reversed? Timing is very important.

The reversal process is generally very successful, but not guaranteed. Timing is very important. The abortion pill reversal process works by introducing more progesterone into the body to combat the first pills effects.

The abortion pill reversal can only occur after the first dose of medical abortion (mifepristone) is taken orally and is generally ineffective after the second set of the medical abortion pills (misoprostol) have been taken.


How Does it Work?

The abortion pill reversal process involves a large influx of progesterone into the pregnant woman’s system. This is due to the fact that the first pill, mifepristone, blocks progesterone from being absorbed by the womb. Mifepristone blocks where progesterone would normally be absorbed, so an influx of progesterone can outcompete for the available binding spaces.


Is Abortion Pill Reversal Safe?

Yes, Progesterone is the natural hormone in a woman’s body that is necessary to nurture and sustain a pregnancy. Progesterone has been safely used in pregnancy for over 50 years.

Post-Abortion Support


Immediately after an abortion decision, many women experience a variety of side-effects. These side-effects may arise days, months, or even years later.


Recurring thoughts about the abortion




Feelings of regret, guilt, loss, anxiety


Crying occurrences


Sadness around the anniversary of the abortion

This is not a complete list of post abortion symptoms, and we recognize that not every woman who has an abortion will experience them. However, for those that do, Adria Women’s Health is here to help.

If you are hurting from a past abortion, Adria Women’s Health offers an abortion recovery class every fall and spring to help you begin your healing journey. We can be reached at 409-945-2888 if you are interested in taking the next step and want to participate in one of our classes or talk to one of our counselors. This class is completely confidential and is often led by someone who has had a previous abortion and experienced the need for healing themselves and are available to help.